Effective Goal Setting Techniques

Effective Goal Setting TechniquesThere are times when you set goals but fail miserably when it comes to achieving them. It is not that goal setting does not work but most people fail to achieve their goals because they have either not used an effective goal setting technique or are not determined enough to achieve their goals.

Therefore, if you want to make your goals a reality, you must put in 100% commitment to your dreams and treat Continue Reading »


Important Leadership Traits

Important Leadership TraitsThere are many people who move around and call themselves leaders when they are far from the real meaning of the word leader. It is not just the title that matters but also what you do with the title. Sometimes most people who enact themselves or carry the banner of leadership do not have what it takes to be a leader. Leadership is really a lot more to do with your level of influence Continue Reading »


Create Focus – Use SMART Goals to Fence Yourself In

Create Focus - Use SMART Goals to Fence Yourself InWe create focus when we fence ourselves in. And the best tool for building those fences are SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Time specific. How often have you had ten different things you could be doing – each one with value, each one requiring time and concentration, and the result is you find yourself thinking about what else you could be doing rather than focusing on what you are doing? Continue Reading »


Christian Drug Rehab Offers Hope to Those With Chronic Pain

Christian Drug Rehab Offers Hope to Those With Chronic PainPrescription drug addiction has become an epidemic in the United States in recent years. While pain pills have seemingly overtaken illegal drugs in popularity, pain drug rehab has changed in recent years. Many christian people become addicted to prescription pain drugs because they are suffering from chronic pain. They never expected to become addicted, they just wanted to find some blissful Continue Reading »


What Would You Give Up to Be an Expert?

What Would You Give Up to Be an Expert?What would you do to create a better life?

Most people are trying to chase a dream of some kind, or is that a wish list…

Can you become an expert in something new and profitable, in a relatively short time?

The answer is YES!

You just need to decide what… and make it something you’re passionate about.


Because without passion, you won’t commit Continue Reading »


Katy Perry Said, It All Starts With A Dream

Katy Perry Said, It All Starts With A DreamI was watching a show a while back, I believe it was a True Hollywood Story on Katy Perry, and in it she said something that really stuck to me. She said, and I am paraphrasing here, “You can have a dream, but that is just the beginning. You have to go on a journey to make it come true.” Once I heard that, it’s like things for me just clicked. Things just came together for me. You see before Continue Reading »


3 Styles of Leadership

3 Styles of LeadershipWhen we carefully analyze the different styles of leadership used by past leaders such as those in our history books, we can generally classify these styles accordingly into 3 different groups. These 3 styles are autocratic, participative and laissez faire. Each style is distinctive and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Under the autocratic style, the sole Continue Reading »


6 Top Persistence Tips

6 Top Persistence TipsPersisting with a goal is probably one of the most difficult things for many people. We all start something with higher intentions, but 95% of folks stop trying or give up on their goals along the way.

However, persistence can be a skill that can be learnt. If you’ve followed through with a significant project or goal before, you will know the experience of success and accomplishment that it brings. Continue Reading »


How to Create Leadership in the Entrepreneurial World

How to Create Leadership in the Entrepreneurial WorldThe thing I have learn’t about success education it teaches you to begin to understand who you really are and what you really want out of life.

Of one thing I am absolutely certain. I knew within myself that if I helped others wake up to their dreams, I could live my dreams as well. To make my entire life’s focus unleashing the potential in others, my potential would also be unleashed Continue Reading »


Success in Life and Business – Simple Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Success in Life and Business - Simple Ways to Stay Focused on Your GoalsWhen you originally set goals it can be exciting and create a lot of positive energy. This energy will start you on the path, but may not sustain you the entire way to your goal. Sometimes the real world (or fake world, depending on how you look at it) starts to side-track you or slow you down. The path to your goal may start to seem more difficult and doubt might set in. This is the time to get re-motivated.

Whether Continue Reading »