How Ambitious Can You Let Yourself Be?

How Ambitious Can You Let Yourself Be?How ambitious do you have to be to get what you want is a better question to ask. The answer to that question lies within yourself.

You know yourself what you have to do in order to fulfill that dream that’s been inside of you for so long. How long has it been? What have you been doing about it?

The answers to these questions only you can answer. But it really Continue Reading »


How to Manage Your Relationships in a Leadership Position

How to Manage Your Relationships in a Leadership PositionThe most important skill as a leader, is your ability to manage your relationships with other people and the process of developing your ability to influence other people. It is an established fact that your success in life, at work, at home and socially depends on how you deal with people. Studies and research show conclusively that 85% of your success is the result of your ability to interact Continue Reading »


Choosing Between One to One Coaching and Conventional Class Room Training

Choosing Between One to One Coaching and Conventional Class Room TrainingWould you visit a doctor who prescribes mass medication? No, Period. Many times we need personal attention and specific guidance. Our learning & development is one such thing. That’s why we seek out for personal gym trainer or sports coach. But unfortunately when it comes to our professional development, we leave to our employers to manage it for us. Be it a training program, coaching Continue Reading »


What Are the Qualities of Great Leaders?

What Are the Qualities of Great Leaders?Qualities of a Leader

In a number of prior posts I detailed some of the qualities essential to ones success as a Leader and as a Home Based business entrepreneur. To become an effective Leader and a successful entrepreneur, one must continue to build on his or her core competencies. Focusing on mastering one a week, month or a few a year, is what great leaders do to enhance and improve upon their Continue Reading »


Six Steps to Goal Setting

Six Steps to Goal SettingYou probably have at least a general idea of what you want to accomplish, but you need to be specific and realistic. Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted for two or more hours. Get comfortable and start thinking about these six steps while you are writing your goals. Good luck!

1. Be prepared for the unexpected:

Things never go exactly as planned. Continue Reading »


Obstacles in Creating Legacy – Ten Strategies For Overcoming Them

Obstacles in Creating Legacy - Ten Strategies For Overcoming ThemIn creating legacy by working on a legacy project, you will have to deal with one or several obstacles. Here are 10 ways to overcome obstacles when creating legacy:

1. Figure out obstacles before starting work on your legacy project. This is because the easiest way to overcome an obstacle is to anticipate it and have clear strategies in place for dealing with it.

2. Keep Continue Reading »


Reaching Your Goals – How to Achieve More

Reaching Your Goals - How to Achieve MoreReaching your goals in a timely manner is most likely important to you. You want to achieve something and you want it to appear in your life by a certain time. (Usually that time is right now! or at least pretty soon!) Unfortunately, unless you follow this one critical element of goal setting, you are setting yourself up to continue struggling.

You see, there are basically two different Continue Reading »


Tips For Leaders

Tips For LeadersHow do you make the most out of any times? I recently heard the comment “it would be a shame to waste a good crisis.” This is a good start for a positive reframe on what has been seen as a very negative set of circumstances. The idea is that we need to stay continually on our path towards our goals. When we look at the systems science of organizations, we know that those organizations Continue Reading »


Tips for Visualizing and Achieving Your Goals

Tips for Visualizing and Achieving Your GoalsGoal setting is fundamental for success in your work at home business. Learning to visualize and finally achieve your goals is the ideal situation for all. Discovering what your goals are through visualization is the only way to establish what your goals actually are. You have to sit down by yourself or with your family and meditate on what you want out of your business and life. After and only Continue Reading »


Stay Sober With Organization

Stay Sober With OrganizationMake your life after rehab a little easier by organizing it. In rehab you were taught to follow a schedule and keep things in order. Continue this habit in your life outside of rehab and you’ll have a better chance of staying sober. This article has some tips on how to make each day a little easier to get through.


When everything has a designated place it makes Continue Reading »